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The Data Exchange Platform for Investors and Managers

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What is AlphaPipe

Easily collect information from your managers that is clean, structured and ready for use

AlphaPipe solves the growing problem faced by investors in gathering and structuring manager information; incomplete, inconsistent information hidden in an assortment of documents, emails and notes. The AlphaPipe Platform is a Q&A tool that allows investors to request information they require - whether standardized or investor-specific - and managers to securely respond with structured, normalized data. AlphaPipe is the first integrated platform to flexibly cover all manager strategies and to serve the information needs of all functions within an investing organization. No matter the touch point with a manager - tax questionnaires, due diligence documents, compliance attestations, risk and performance disclosures – AlphaPipe can help.

Current Clients

Current clients manage over $200B in assets

These include endowment, FoHF, SWF and investment consultant organizations with information flowing to/from managers and investors in the US, Europe and Asia.

Use Case

A simple tax questionnaire made easy

A university endowment has a yearly tax questionnaire that they send to all 100 of their managers. Currently, they send it as an excel attachment in email. Responses are sent back in another email. Considerable time is spent by the endowment tracking which manager has/has not responded and manually manipulating the data returned to make it consistent.

With AlphaPipe this same endowment has created a single online tax questionnaire that contains only the questions they want answered and structured so the data a manager can enter is exactly what the endowment requires. With one click, this questionnaire is sent to all 100 managers. These managers fill out the tax questionnaire on AlphaPipe's secure platform and publish it back to the endowment. While this is happening, AlphaPipe provides the endowment complete status information on which managers have worked on their response and which have completed it.

At any time the endowment can download the responses for individual managers or for all managers across their portfolio. Data provided is clean, structured and ready for use in excel, as a PDF or fed directly into the endowments data system. The endowment has saved considerable time and avoided redundant manual work, while getting the vital information they need.

Benefits of AlphaPipe

AlphaPipe benefits all parties

  • Addresses entire external manager population across all strategies: hedge fund, private equity and real estate.
  • Reduces redundancy for the manager across investor requests.
  • Enables immediate, efficient collection and use of received information by investors.
  • Empowers managers with workflow tools and audit trails for greater control and efficiency.
  • Makes data available at any time in a variety of formats: CSV (Excel), as a PDF or via an API that can directly feed any content management system from industry vendors or proprietary databases.
  • Built with multi-layer encryption that will protect confidential information for both parties.

Relationships with AlphaPipe

Understanding roles for AlphaPipe users

  • Clients - currently limited to investors - license the AlphaPipe platform to collect, organize, and analyze data during initial manager due diligence and ongoing monitoring. Additional services will soon be offered to managers and industry providers.
  • Counter-parties - currently limited to managers - accept a limited-purpose relationship to respond to Client information requests. Counter-parties do not pay for use of the AlphaPipe platform.
  • All parties are indemnified against unauthorized disclosure of data resulting from any AlphaPipe failure to adhere to our Privacy and Security Policy. All data exchanged between Clients and Counter-parties is subject to any confidentiality agreements in place directly between the parties.

Data Access

Data access remains tightly controlled

  • Data responses are owned by the providing manager and - once published - by the receiving investor.
  • AlphaPipe personnel cannot view or access any client data within AlphaPipe.
  • All data is stored encrypted on AlphaPipe's secure platform, which uses the most sophisticated online security available.
  • All encrypted data without an active owner account is deleted from the platform.

ADV Data Service

Form ADV provides a trove of useful industry information, but current methods of accessing it are cumbersome and limited

Our ADV Data Service solves these issues by: providing a complete set of data for all firms in excel or online view; structuring the data so it can be searched, manipulated and compared; and normalizing the data so that all names and terms are consistent.

Whether you're an investor researching managers, a manager researching vendors or a vendor researching opportunities; AlphaPipe's ADV Data Service turns Form ADV data into useful and usable information.

Data Security

At AlphaPipe, we take data security and data preservation very seriously. We have designed and implemented a comprehensive set of practices, technologies, and policies to make sure that your data is safe, secure and accessible only by authorized parties.

Data Encryption

All communication with the AlphaPipe platform and all stored data is encrypted. Our encryption algorithms are some of the strongest available, and are the same as currently used by many of the world's largest financial organizations and government agencies.

Backup & Redundancy

All systems are redundant and backed up across multiple services and multiple physical locations to ensure availability and durability. All data is backed up real time via replication across multiple servers and multiple physical locations.

Data Center

AlphaPipe's infrastructure meets the highest standards of certification which include: SOC 1 (SSAE 16/ISAE 3402) and SOC 2.

Our Team

The team at AlphaPipe has deep experience in both the investment industry and technology product development. Our passion is to develop a great product that meets the specific needs of our industry partners.

Westley Chapman

CEO & Co-founder

West brings industry thought leadership on due diligence and an extensive network built over 16 years at Goldman Sachs. West served on the Investment Committee and built the Risk and Operational Due Diligence teams within GSAM's external manager selection businesses, and served as CFO of GSAM.

John Goodwin


John has deep technology and product expertise, particularly building large-scale systems for data processing and analysis. He wrote the initial version of the location-based platform in use by Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging service with over 500 million active users. His experience includes companies large (Oracle, Fox Interactive Media) and small (Newroo, GeoSolutions, SnapGoods, Knodes).

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